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Greetings healthylicious friends

My name is Clare and I’m a foodie, but a healthylicious one. As a self-taught cook, I am constantly trying to find healthier ways to prepare and make food without losing the yum factor. I will show you how easy it is to create nutritious and healthylicious food and I hope you find my blogs and recipe ideas informative and inspirational.

Avocado Aioli

The Ready Steady Cook Club

Every few weeks a challenge is hosted where one member will pick a bag of groceries under an agreed budget and along with a free ingredients list we all create one or two dishes. We then all showcase our creations on our home Facebook page and Instagram and this is naturally followed by lots of likes, appreciative comments and recipe sharing ;)  read more

The Great Garbanzo - Ebook Healthylicious Recipes

Avocado Aioli

Happy St Patrick’s Day! - Embrace the Green

Matcha Lemon Cake

Matcha Lemon Cake